Janis T. Firstenberg

Promoting Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being


Promoting Physical / Emotional / Spiritual Well-Being

through Holistic Energy Transformation

Jan has trained with many masters and has extensive knowledge in a variety of healing modalities. Some of the key modalities she works with are listed below:

Certified by Donna Eden: Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP)

Donna Eden is a widely recognized healer and lecturer who has helped over 10,000 people individually and has a worldwide following. Donna's outstanding work has been cited by Bernie Siegel, Jean Houston, Gloria Steinhem, among others. Jan started taking Donna's classes, and Jan began her healing practice several years before Donna launched her certification program. Then, in 2007, Jan graduated with the inaugural class of EEM-CPs. 

Jan is also a Teaching Assistant for Donna, as well as an authorized "Eden Energy Medicine for Women" class instructor. Along the way, Jan also completed Touch for Health (L1) to enhance her "energy testing" (i.e. muscle testing / "kinesiology)" skills. Using "Energy testing" (kinesiology), Jan is able to determine and help her clients correct energy imbalances in the body.

Eden Energy Medicine works with over 9 subtle energy systems (e.g. Chakras, Meridians, Auras, Celtic Weave, Chinese 5 elements, Triple-Warmer, Electrics, Radiant Circuits, etc.) and provides a broad foundation for Jan's energy work. Jan is a listed practitioner on Donna's website: www.innersource.net, and you can find Jan's article about helping a comatose patient on Donna's website: Click on link above, then click on "Energy Medicine", then click on "Resources", then "Case Histories", then "Emergency Applications", then "Helping a Comatose Patient". 

Certified by "EFT Universe" in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Jan was originally certified by founder, Gary Craig, and then "EFT Universe" in EFT, a type of Energy Psychology. Jan has worked as an "Emotional Assistant" for Dawson Church at his EFT workshops at the Open Center in NYC.

Originally developed as a non-invasive way of dealing with Trauma and Phobias (by tapping on ends of meridians), EFT is also effective with many other issues as well. People are increasingly learning how often the "mind/body" connection can be the source of physical as well as mental issues. Jan often combines EFT with other modalities in her sessions.  

Jan is a listed practitioner on the www.eftuniverse.com website. You can also find her two published articles there: click on link above, then click on "EFT Resources" at top of page, then "EFT Case Histories". Then, on left side of page, where it says "research 5,000+ articles, put "Jan Firstenberg" in the search engine. The first 2 articles found are Jan's. EFT can be done in person or via phone.

Certified by founder, Joshua Bloom in Quantum Energy Transformation™ (QET), Quantum Coaching™ Quantum Allergy Release™, and Quantum Age Clearing™

QET is a modality that works at the cellular level of the body to help people evolve and transform to a higher vibrational level. It helps people become open to the possibilities of changing or releasing old negative mind, body, and/or spiritual issues, behaviors, etc., and evolving into someone who is more authentic and more in tune with the world. Jan has had the privilege of co-teaching with Joshua at one of his in-person workshops..

Within this modality are the possibilities of clearing allergies and clearing traumas from past ages, including "in the womb" traumas. For more information on QET go to Joshua's website: www.quantumhealingcenter.com. Jan also suggests reading Bruce Lipton's book, "The Biology of Belief". Quantum sessions can be done in person or via phone.

Certified by founder, Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, in Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) 

TEK is a natural healing system which uses kinesiology to find and address physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues. Depending on what we find along the way, we may use orchid essences, symbols and/or affirmations to assist clients in evolving along their physical/emotional/spiritual path.

Psych-K Facilitator - Trained by Ian Spicer

Psych-K was originally developed as another type of Energy Psychology, but it has grown to so much more. It is an amazing, simple method of aligning the sub-conscious with the conscious to help people evolve. It is often characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits. It assists you in changing sub-conscious beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, physical health and more. 

Body Code/Emotion Code Facilitator + more

Jan has extensive experience using Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code to assist with clearing many trapped emotions, including emotions in one's heart wall, hidden heart wall, as well as morphic resonance from past generations. Jan has also used Dr. Nelson's Body Code as needed, and also has worked with Alex Loyd's Healing Code to assist with spiritual and other matters.

Certified by Burt Goldman as a Consulting Hypnotist 

Being a Hypnotist trained and certified by Burt Goldman includes learning much more than hypnotism. Burt has been working with "energy" for well over 50 years, teaching Silva Mind Control method with Jose Silva, developing Quantum Jumping, The Mind Box, and more. Hypnosis & "Energy" protocols learned from Burt include PTSD, Phobias, Fears, Past-Life Regression, Age-Regression, Smoking, Weight Loss, and much, much more.

"Reconnective Healing®" and "The Reconnection®" 

Originally certified by Eric Pearl. Eric Pearl's modalities are never mixed with other Energy modalities. For more information on this type of healing, contact Jan. 

Ordained Interfaith Minister by The New Seminary

Jan was ordained after completing a two-year program at The New Seminary in NYC. In addition to learning about many faith paths and the usual clergy functions involving life-cycle events, Jan learned to create sacred space, perform "healing rituals", and "end of life rituals" to assist people in passing. Jan has also used Energy work in conjunction with these rituals in hospital and hospice settings.  

Jan has also had the privilege of officiating at weddings in New York and Texas, and the honor of officating at funerals in New York as well. Jan is humbled and grateful to be participating in these sacred events.

Jan's two years in the seminary program provided a solid background in self-awareness, active-listening, and learning to "get your ego out of the way" while being present and holding space for others.